Tunisian US Relations

The Tunisian-American relations go back to the 18th century. The first bilateral agreement "of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation" was signed on 27 August 1797. Following the independence of Tunisia, the United States was, on 17 May 1956, the first big power to recognize the sovereignty of Tunisia.

  • Main exchanged products:

Exports : Olive oil, oil and lubricants, textile, electric equipment, shoes, etc.

Imports : Fat and vegetable oil, Corn, Soja, Barley, Gas turbines, IT equipment, electrical components, etc.

  • Commercial exchanges

Trade Balance Tunisia/United States of America on 2017

(Value in Million Tunisian Dinars)

  • Scientific cooperation and higher education

-   Signature, on 15 August 2014, of a scientific and technological cooperation agreement  to strengthen bilateral cooperation, namely, in the fields of science, technology and education.

Cooperation programs in scientific research

-  Thomas Jefferson : The amount doubled from US $ 10 to 20 Millions, over  5 years and allowing 400 Tunisian students to benefit from a year study in US universities. These scholarships target economics and engineering.

-  Fulbright Program: It has 40 scholarships that allow Tunisian students to get MA degrees. 

-  Fulbright Tech+ Program: With a  US $ 4.75 Million budget, it allows to 40 Tunisian students to get MA degrees in one of the US universities in fields related to economics. This program is covering two academic years 2015-2016 and 2016-2017. 20 students will have  each year the opportunity to study in the USA.

-  Inter University Linkage: Partnerships between the universities of both countries are being designed through this program, where 3 US universities are listed (Columbia, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Texas A&M). This program has a budget of US $ de 0.8 Million.

-   Cochrane Program: It provides internships within US universities in the agricultural field. 

-   Huberth Humphrey Fellowship Program  :This program was initiated for the academic year  2014-2015. It is targeting executives from the Tunisian administration to take a 10-month training.

  • Military and Security Cooperation:

Military  cooperation between Tunisia and the USA goes back to 1958. In 1981, a  Joint Military Commission was established. It meets annually at the ministerial level